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The Voiceless – case No. 33: A minimal form of expression.


Since the WWW://NET view of the world, a synaesthetic vision has become mandatory.  This, synaesthetic vision, is a blending of opposite effects, and in South Africa, is an authentic reaction to ‘Africanness’.

This synaesthetic view of the world re-opens the age-old question to make art or not to make art. The act of creation saturates the concept of art and experience becomes ungraspable in any form outside of the ‘virtual’.

The virtual view provides us with an intimate and literal materiality of actuality creating a deeper sense of unreality in the participant. The viewer is negated and replaced by the participant in disembodied bits.

Fixed categories and habitual behaviour are denied for open distinctions. Hence, the result often opens the participant to a theatrical experience. The result is extreme artifice.

The distinction between making and representing is destroyed. The matrix becomes a charade of reality: collapsing the contextual meaning of events and creating an ambiguous content – a hybrid reality.

Virtuality forces the participant to be obedient to one’s own understanding – time-based experiences become essential. This is a didactic solution to conceptual art where the vision is consecutively time based.

The individual author is removed. The artist becomes a DJ and not a disc jockey and a way of making permanent the throwaway culture that technology has created.

Virtuality is a way of building non-control and non-order into an artwork – a way of burying of the past.