You Killed Saartjie

So it seems as if You (We) have finally Killed SAATJIE, or, is it the Memory of Those Who are or Have been exploited in one way or another that we have killed. I mean Saartjie Baartman is a South African National Heroine. Isn’t She?

No! We didn’t know her. And yes! She was the Other. And No! We can’t really talk about Her and What ‘They’ did with any sense of truth. We just can’t talk about It. For Us (SAARTjie‘s) she represents those Who Were and Will (WWW) be exploited by the Alpha Ape Types of any Sex, Race or Culture (sorry about the Alpha thing but try and see the SRC programme connection – really we respect these Type Organisations – the programmes I mean). So, as I was saying: Hi Saartjies!  you know the a sort of  ‘Hail Fellow’ from the Advantaged Suppressed Section of Society and all that. The Greeting Thing from the Now Enlightened than . . . (NET’s).

Wow! From the ‘Rightist Group’ (they absconded from the left-in in 1994 and claimed ignorance). We get this Growing resentment Buzz and Echo of rehashed ‘psycho-prophecies’. Here’s a Tit Bit from just one (we could of chosen from thousands(ed.)) of our ‘Rightists’ or should I say more ‘Loyal ‘ist’ Subscribers (only recently Claiming to be Enlightened): “I am not your Saartjie (sic); . . . please don’t bore me again”. I mean why not call out the Virus’s and (in-one-breath) the ‘Mag Nie Sê’ [without the ‘kappie’. They were banned Even Then (ET’s) and I believe they are Still Active Now (SAN’s), though underground (ed.)].

Saartjie may be a perversity to the ‘Post-colonial’, but, ‘We’ are Human regardless of Our Sex , Race our Culture. If We see Saartjie as a Heroine, Don’t We have the Right to claim a part of that lost heritage (*). Yes! We are being exploited and We are Exhibits, We haven’t Left yet. And yes, We Do want to be Seen in the Context of our Past and Present (PP’s). Yes! We do want to Acknowledge the Present (WAP’s). Hey! this is Why We Wanted (WWW) to be involved in this Beyond Language Thing, this Art Speak Thing (BLAST).

OK! So ArtGreeting‘s is Safe-As-Houses. I mean Mostly Artists Today (MAT’s) are involved in the ‘Safe Thing’. Move a pawn here and there. They play at been as provocative as a Copy of a Copy-of-a-position-of-an-exhibition-of-dead-bodies (CC’s). A Copy of our friends and fore-fathers Clean Breath-taking moves (BCC’s), a Copy of the Right Stuff  – and as Euro-Anal Tentative Thoroughfare’s (ATT’s).

So, Art here is as full of Steroids as it was of Alcohol (SA’s) in the States (OFS’s) – (long one (ed.)) in the 40’s. All Balls (not only sport or was that Bull (sounded like a Rooster back then (ed.)) now we only see the squeak of PW supporter clowns.  😉

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