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Have things Changed since 2000?

Why not go and visit some of those great exhibitions that are featured in this country – a tour to KZN, Cape and JHB. This great idea was back in the Summer of 2000.

Let me recap what happened on the tour and see if anything has changed.

In the KZN galleries I found that the Local Tabloid Art Critics were having some fun by ‘playing’ at being Artists. This was really amusing as it rung a Bell in the history of nepotism in South Africa. Port Elizabeth’s art seemed a bit dazed and confused. The galleries tended to reflect that nobody knew what was going on in the Cultural arena – never mind the City centre. I found it hard to uncover what Exhibitions were on never mind where.

In Cape Town I met up with what I called ‘Ivy League’ artists those with one Leg in South Africa and one Leg in the USA. The ones whose works have the right cap at the right angle, the low cut baggie trousers and the sneakers – the ‘Right Stuff’ with pose. This was at a time when Wane Barker had stolen idea of an art group working together as one voice from Dasart. I saw them as: “Barking up the wrong tree” where “their main Barker is louder than their total Intellectual Bite”.

In JHB I changed Gears and found a Conceptual Kalahari. I got a déjà vu feeling as some of the vanguard artists were playing at being Art Critics. At the First Biennale I was challenged to a game of Chess by the so called ‘Conceptual School’ of artists and found their Chess to be as bald headed as their Content. I seemed to have missed the ‘absent’ Curators and ended the tour with the idea of doing an interview or something with them; if they could or ever would surface.